About Us 

Loughborough Students Shooting Club is a club open to anyone with any skill level interested in the sport of clay pigeon shooting. We mainly shoot clay pigeons but over the recent year we have seen more people wanting to use the air rifle range at our local club which we are happy to see and provide the facilities for. Over the coming year we attend various competitions including BUCS. Our regular shoot is on a Wednesday and consists of each member shooting their desired number of clay pigeons. It is also not a requirement for our members to own a shotgun or a license. 

The shooting club we use every week is Lakeside Sporting, about a 20-minute car journey from Loughborough University. 

The membership cost is £35 and then every shoot you come to the cost of clays and cartridges comes to about £20/25.

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Taster Sessions


If you would are new to shooting you can attend a taster session, these cost £16.50 and will give you an introduction to clay pigeon shooting, if you would like one please get in contact through the facebook page or email [email protected] They are usually ran on a wednesday afternoon, and sometimes on a saturday. 


Membership Types 

Full Membership - Can train at our wednesday shoots, can compete at BUCS and other competitions.

Competition Membership - Can only compete at BUCS and other competitions.


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