At Loughborough Students' Archery Club we have multiple training sessions each week and shoot in both inter-university competitions as well as competitions within the Leicestershire and Rutland County. The skill level of our members ranges from complete beginner all the way up to national squad level, so no matter what, you'll fit in. We have three membership types, designed to suit what you want to get out of the club.


Taster sessions will be held after Fresher’s Bazaar.

Training times

We hold 4 indoor sessions per week at the Tennis Centre.

Membership Levels

The membership types are Beginner, Experienced and Alumni.

  • Beginner Membership
    This membership is for students who have never done archery before or have never been a part of Loughborough Students Archery Club and believe they would benefit from the beginner’s course. The beginner’s course teaches basic archery techniques and safety. 
    Beginner membership entitles you to the three-week beginner’s course, use of club equipment, and 3 training sessions per week in Semester 1 (training held indoors) and 4 sessions per week in Semester 2 (training held outdoors).

  • Experienced Membership
    This membership is for students who have previously been a member of Loughborough Students Archery Club or those who have previously held Archery GB membership. Experienced membership entitles you to 4 training sessions a week Semester 1 and 2 (indoor and outdoor season). It also includes access to blank boss training sessions throughout the year.

  • Alumni Membership
    This membership is for university Staff and Alumni only. This will not include Archery GB membership, and also requires membership through an external club.
  • If you have any questions about which membership is correct for you, please contact the committee before purchasing at [email protected]

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