Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for governing the affairs of the Union, but has a duty to consult and take full account of matters referred to them whenever appropriate. It makes key decisions on financial strategy, assets and delegations, as well as many other important aspects which affect students. It also monitors the performance of staff members, ensuring they are fulfilling the strategic plan. It also ensures compliance with regulations and legal responsibilities. 


The Board is made up of lay-members, student members, LSU Executive and ex-officios. Keep an eye out towards the end of the academic year for the opportunity to be elected onto the Board of Trustees as a student member.

Andy Doyle: Chair
Richard Taylor

Matt Youngs
Ana-Maria Bilciu
Fejiro Amam
James Greer
Alex Marlowe
Amie Woodyatt
Emily Turnbull
Emily Hook
Matthew Brown
Owen Henderson

You can find the minutes of past meetings below:

26 Oct 20 – BT-211-M2

10 Sept 20 – BT-211-M1


09 July 20 – BT-203-M2

21 May 20 – BT-203-M1

24 Mar 20 - BT202-M2
28 Jan 20 - BT-202-M1
29 Oct 19 - BT-201-M1