School of Business and Economics

SBE Committee 2020/2021

Chair Harrison Bradshaw - [email protected]
Vice Chair Matthew McMahon - [email protected]
Social SIOs Jasmine Rakkar - [email protected]
Rebecca Allen - [email protected]
Rahul Pathak - [email protected]
Sports SIOs Romin Varia - [email protected]
Gatin Wadhwa - [email protected]
Shayan Contractor - [email protected]
Action SIO Janhavi Mehra - [email protected]
Rag SIO Mia Barlow - [email protected]
Welfare and Diversity SIO Vidushi Goyal - [email protected]
Media SIOs Jai Tugnait - [email protected]
Emily Fellows - [email protected]
Enterprise & Careers SIOs Jaime Siu - [email protected]
Emily Challenger - [email protected]
James Aris - [email protected]

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