Exec Restructure: Combining the roles of Societies Chair and Media chair into one role that will represent both Sections.
To bring Media in line with other sections and to ensure that all of our section volunteers get equal representation, assistance, support and attention, we are combining the roles of the Societies Chair and Media Chair. Media will continue to run as a independent section, but will have a full-time sabbatical officer who will work to ensure Media’s future success as they have with Societies.
Submitted by Freya M.

2 Comment(s)

Joshua G.

Whilst this is not the best thing that could happen to Media, it's the least worst option offered by the Exec. Alternatively, Media could have no funding, no staff aid and no paid Chair/Intern - putting a 20+ hour job onto a volunteer with no support. However, to maintain support for this motion, LSU must honour their promise that Media will remain an autonomous part of the new combined section.

Matthew T.

I agree that Media need the support of an admin and full time sab. However, the Societies office is overwhelmed as it is with 2 full time staff and more support being added would be required for this merger to work. Without that, the staff would be even more overwhelmed and no one would benefit

I think Media should become a 6th section within societies rather than the section changing its name