The Library To Introduce an Entrance on the First Floor For Easier Access.
The Library is a great facility. It has thousands of books, and journal access, as well as study spaces, group rooms, study carrels, as well as generally being a nice and quiet place to be.

However, I would argue that it would be even better if there was an entrance on the first floor. Given the first floor is where a lot of the books for a good few subjects are located, as well as half the study carrels and some group rooms, and is where the traditional "library" part of the library is (that is, aisles of books and tables, which directly seeing that as I enter would personally motivate me), it is quite inconvenient to access. For instance, if you are walking from West Park, to access the library requires a longer walk up the hill on the main road (or worse, around the library perimeter and going up the slippery concrete steps) and more inconvenience, just to walk down the stairs to get to where you want to be.

In addition, a good few of the halls are located in the Student Village, which is directly behind the library, from the perspective of the main road. To get to the library would require walking around the to the front, either to walk to the back to group study area (or go to the cafe (cheeky, admit you've done that)), or down the stairs to the quieter sections of the library, which again would be useful and more to be closer to access.

On the plan for the building, around half of first floor doesn't seem to be used, so I would imagine it would be a convenient location for a new entrance, if not anywhere else on the first floor that'd be suitable.
Submitted by Imrose M.

Student Leader Feedback

Salomé Doré, Union President

Salomé Doré

Union President,

This is a great idea and has been put forward to be voted on!

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Kyle W.

I say no to having an extra entrance of level 1. This is because level 1 is an unofficial silent floor. Adding another entrance would cause an unnecessary flow of traffic hence adding noise. In reality is it that much of a task to travel to the other side of the building, adding at most 3 minutes of travel which is nothing in comparison to the time you'd be in the library.

Thi N.

I agree with Kyle (however, I'm sure Level 1 & 2 are official silent floors). In addition, putting in another door to Level 1 would mean reducing the number of seats and tables on this level to create space for the entrance and we would need to employ more staff (security) on the door.