Keep Ashleigh Drive Pedestrian Entrance Open 24 Hours
Many students based on the East side of Campus (including student housing in Forest Road and The Holt) would like to be able to safely access campus/ return home after 10.30pm. Due to this gate being locked some students have to cut their study hours in the library short, so they can return home with peace of mind. Otherwise they are forced to leave the University premises at the Design School, and walk all the way around. There is no street lighting at night time, which poses a danger to students walking alone in the dark. When the Union nightlife opens up again, this poses a serious risk for students walking home at such late hours, and there have been many close calls before regarding harassment from Forest Road.
Therefore, we think this pedestrian gate being open will allow students to visit and leave campus safely throughout the day/night. Students live here to be closer to the university, by blocking this gate off and making students walk around, the University is making them face unnecessary danger on the public streets directly adjacent to the University.
An alternative solution would be a controlled entrance, which would only accept those with student/staff ID cards to enter.
Submitted by Rebecca H.

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Emily S.

I second this.
As a student who often works in the STEMLAB using certain computer software and who's sporting activity (even though halted) finishes at 10.30 this often means I have to leave early or walk the long way around which is unsafe at this time of year.

Benjamin D.

On the point of ID card entry, that would allow the university to track noise complaints to specific students, meaning that noise can be kept down for the people who live on Ashleigh road, while increasing safety.