Street Lights by Royce/ Telford Turned On
Student safety is paramount and should be everyone’s priority.

The path between Royce and Telford is currently unlit and its location and lay out, with lots of hedges and corners, creates a sense of danger particularly when it is used at night and especially when walking alone. Even when walking in small groups it can be daunting. This combined with its uneven surface creates an unnecessary and avoidable risk for all of us. This is especially true for those who are disabled and/or immobile.

The solution to this problem is simple - the existing lights need to be serviced/repaired and recommissioned.

When this is done the residents of the student village will be able to walk safely and confidently between Royce and Telford.
Submitted by Jessica Y.

Student Leader Feedback

Alex Marlowe, Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer

Alex Marlowe

Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer,

Hi Jess! Alex Marlowe, your W&D EO here - thanks so much for your idea submission and to all those who have voted on and commented on this too. Even though this idea is still on the 'Voting On' stage, we wanted to fast track it to the 'Action' phase so this important idea could be actioned quickly. I am pleased to say that after liaising with University Facilities Management, we have managed to secure a commitment that the streetlights will be repaired inside *the next three weeks*! Student safety is paramount, and thanks to your suggestion, we have managed to further this agenda. All my best, Alex

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Daniel S.

The lights were on during freshers so clearly work and have the infrastructure to be used. Seems like an easy choice given the climate at the moment.

Kaeden M.

A pretty easy choice if you ask me!

Alexander I.

I've been at Loughborough 4 years and think I can count the number of times these lights have been lit on 1 hand, particularly when coming back from a night out I did not feel confident walking this way without being able to easily see where I was going

Talya S.

How is this still a problem?? Should have been fixed years ago

Betsy L.

Easy to fix for the safety of your students, which should be your priority!

Ruth B.

I reported this as a problem in 2019, don’t understand why it hasn’t been fixed. So important to help keep the students safe

Isabella R.

Not only do I feel unsafe as a woman walking along this path in the dark but it’s also a major trip hazard as you literally can’t even see where you’re walking (and the path is very uneven) so any light would help please!

Ellie-Mae B.

I always felt unsafe walking down here in my first and second year back to Bakewell. My friend reported it back in 2019 and nothing got done. This should not even be a debate, the answer is to fix the lights.