LSU Harry Potter and Quidditch


Welcome to the Loughborough Students' Union's Harry Potter and Quidditch Society! If you want to get together with like-minded muggles or you want to try out the best full contact, multi-gender sport of Quidditch then we are the society for you!

This year we will be hosted online via our Facebook page and Discord server. However, we are working closely with the LSU to host Quidditch training.


Join our Facebook page to see what's going in within the society. 

Or check out our Instagram pages @LSUHarryPotter and @LboroLongshots


Membership this year is £5. This will entitle you to both the Harry Potter and Quidditch Sides of the society as well as voting rights for committee positions.

Events include socials such as the Sorting, quizzes, games evenings, book club, Triwizard Tournament challenges and our Yule Ball fundraising event for Lumos.


Quidditch includes training sessions, tournaments and matches.

House Points

House points can be gained through events such as quiz nights and through attendance to socials. The house with the most points at the end of the year will win the House Cup!

House Cup Winners

Ravenclaw 12-13
Slytherin 13-14
Gryffindor 14-15
Ravenclaw 15-16
Ravenclaw 16-17
Ravenclaw 17-18

Triwizard Cup

There are three tasks that contribute to the Triwizard Cup throughout the year. Previous tasks have included a 'dragon egg' hunt (Easter eggs), teambuilding activities and quizzes, laser quest, and a bake-off.

Triwizard Cup Winners

Hufflepuff 12-13
Slytherin 13-14
Slytherin 14-15
Slytherin 15-16
Hufflepuff 16-17
Ravenclaw 17-18

Ravenclaw 18-19