Welcome to LSU Velocity!

If you are new to the Loughborough Family, then congratulations and a very warm welcome! We really look forward to meeting you soon.

We are Lougborough's flying, aviation and transport society. But what exactly do we do?

Come fly with us! Velocity offers flight training and aircraft hire with our partner flying school. So, whether you’re a seasoned aviator or if you just want to give it a go, we can help you to spread your wings and experience the magic of flight.

Do you love travelling, be that by plane, train, bus or car? Do you enjoy learning more about how it all works? If the answer is yes, then Velocity is the society for you! We are excited to offer money can't buy trips, tours and visits in all aspects of transport, aviation and logistics. Be sure to have a look at our upcoming events page on our website to see if anything sparks your interest.

Industry connections: through our talks and visits meet and get to know some really knowledgeable, professional and passionate people. You never know it might even help your career!

If you have any queries or questions then please do not hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected]

You can also visit our brand new, shiny website at:

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