Start a Society

Societies are student run and therefore if there isn't one that suits your hobbie you can start up your own. Before you try to set-up a new society consider:

  • Is it doable?
  • Will people join my society?
  • Is this society unique compared to what is already available? If the answer is yes, there will be two chances in the year to submit a new society application. 
  • Applications can be submitted during the Winter and Summer Application Periods.

You can find out more infomation about starting a new society in the New Society Handbook.

The Summer Application Period is open from from Monday 17th August to Friday 25th September 2020.

Submit your application form here during one of the two annual application periods (the link will only be actvie at these times).

What happens next?

The Societies Chair will review your application, looking out for anything that may hinder the society from being a success. Chances are, there won't be something preventing your society from starting up.

The society will then be set as a sign up list on the website. It is up to you to promote your new society idea to others and get them to sign up. You will be given a certain amount of time to generate interest. Once you have 20 interested sign ups then you will move to the membership stage.

You will be given a period of time to convert your 20 sign ups to at least 15 paid members.

If you try and set up over the summer break, then you will be allowed the Student Activities Bazaar to gain members. You will be set a date when you need to have your 15 members by.

Once you have 15 Members and are an official society affiliated with LSU you can make the most of the following benefits:

  • A business address
  • An annual slot at LSU's Freshers Fair
  • Health & Safety comfort; knowing that all members are insured and all activities are safe
  • Space on with direct communication with the student body
  • The chance to get an annual grant from the Societies section
  • Advice on how to organise trips, which companies to use etc
  • Free access to Union meeting rooms
  • Discounted rates for social room hire in the union
  • Access to University Rooms
  • Access to sporting facilities
  • Volunteer recognition and rewards, including an Annual Awards Ceremony
  • Free skills training
  • Accredited training options: food handling, first aid
  • Financial experience
  • Contracts and employment admin for professional coaches/trainers
  • Full time sabbatical officer and staff support
  • Dedicated social night for all societies
  • Support to ensure all members have equal rights and opportunities