James Greer Sport Executive Officer

In 2017 I came to Loughborough with excitement and optimism, quickly settling into Cayley Hall and loving my degree in English and Sport Science. I threw myself into AU Athletics and Triathlon with the determination to take my Athletics to the next level. My journey hasn’t gone the way I originally planned it, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I took an alternative route and pushed myself to run for a position on the AU Executive team as Welfare Officer. Two elections later and I became the Athletic Union clubs Officer in 2019-20 and now your Sport Executive Officer for 2020-21! Without doubt, my love and passion for sport purely stems through the opportunities and experiences students can get involved in here at Loughborough.

What do I do?

As Sport Executive Officer, I am the voice and representative for all students who want to get involved in Sport. From recreation to performance and even coaching and volunteering, I work alongside all sporting strands to increase and empower sporting opportunities and bolster sporting experiences for everyone who wishes to be part of the sporting community here at Loughborough. I also act as President within Loughborough Students’ Athletic Union, encompassing 60 diverse clubs and over 4000 members.

My Human Side

Sadly, my competitive days of running and triathlon are most probably over. However, I love to get myself down to the gym, get out on long runs at the weekend and get a few swim sessions in at our amazing swimming pool! If I’m not doing or working on something sporty, I enjoy meeting up with friends, getting to know new people and of course, indulging on some Fusion music at a Hey Ewe! I’m also a keen coffee lover and love to travel and explore new places.

I will always make time to have a chat with anyone who wants to catch up on anything. Whether it’s a message, a hey in passing or a catch up to talk about sport, or to simply grab a coffee! Even if you have never met me before, I’m always open to getting to know new people, make friends and be there if you ever need help or support.

Been there done that advice

University life can be the most exciting, fun, life shaping and amazing journey you will ever experience. It can also be tough, challenging and throw things at you that you wouldn’t expect. Don’t be afraid of embracing all of this, you will learn a lot about yourself and others, as long as you are looking after your physical and mental health, try and challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone! I can promise you that no matter what happens, if you don’t find your family in halls or your degree, LSU will guide you to the place where you want to be.