Charlotte Style Vice President

As Vice President, I don’t have a single section as such, but I deal with a variety of areas within LSU. This includes working on democracy in the Union with our Democracy and Representation Committee, which also includes the Ideas Forum, where you can submit ideas to improve Loughborough life, and planning the Executive Elections to elect a new Executive team every year. I also help to coordinate the Halls of residence’s committees, and I sit on the Hall Students Federation. I am always around the Student Hub in LSU, so come and say hi!

My advice

As clichéd as it is (and everyone always says it) just try everything! Whether or not you end up participating in that particular club/society/committee, it could be the make or break of your Loughborough Experience. Also, Freshers Week isn’t the be-all and end-all of your Uni life either. If you don’t find your people in the first few weeks, it isn’t the end of the world – you will meet so many people as the years go on through your course, Hall etc., just put yourself out there, and try not to care what anyone else thinks!

About me

My name is Charlotte (or just Char)! I was born in Australia, so am half Aussie and half Kiwi, but grew up in Dubai (this is by far the most interesting thing about me) then came to the Loughborough Bubble four years ago. I did an Art Foundation course then refused to leave and did BA Textiles: Innovation and Design, where I spent many hours weaving on a loom! When I’m not hanging around LSU, you’ll see me in African Violet playing netball or eating snacks.