Fejiro Amam Vice President

In 2017, I joined Loughborough University from Nigeria to study for a Mechanical Engineering degree. I arrived with bright eyes and a profound excitement for what lay ahead and had an absolutely amazing freshers experience. I really appreciated the efforts of the then Faraday committee who welcomed me to Loughborough, and I went on to become the Action Committee Member for Faraday Hall! Over the years, I joined the International Students Network committee, became a Course Representative and picked up fencing (and even represented the university!) Last year I lead the International Students Network, and this increased my passion for the amazing experience at Loughborough, which led me to become the Vice President this year!

What do i do?

As the Vice President, I work with our amazing halls of residence, giving the committees and chairs the support they need to deliver a great student experience. I also work with LSU’s Head of Governance to oversee the Union’s efforts in democracy and representation, running the Executive Elections and ensuring the executive team is answerable to the students. The executive team finances are my responsibility as is working closely with the Section Chairs, Venue and Commercial departments to ensure that all the Union’s activities truly reflect the wants of all our members. And of course, I deputise for the President whenever required. I'm very passionate about ensuring the Union works for its students so please do not hesitate to get in contact with me!

My Human Side

I'm a big fan of an evening in with friends, playing card or board games or watching a good movie. You probably will hear me singing a song from Hamilton at some point in the year. I'm a massive fan of all comedy sitcoms, think Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory; you mention it! After my time leading the International Students Network, I developed a deep interest in cultures and traditions of all types of people so I do tend to be rather inquisitive.

Been There Done That Advice

There are so many things to do at Loughborough. Make sure to get involved in some way. Not only can you grow as a person and professional, you can make friends that you may know for the rest of your life!  Do something new. I knew barely anything about fencing before Loughborough and ended up finding a sport and community that I deeply enjoyed being a part of. I bet that there's something here for you too that you may have never even heard of!